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Honors Theses

As part of the Honors Curriculum, Patriot Scholars complete an honors thesis and present it at the Intersections Undergraduate Research Conference.  Some work is presented at national research conferences and published in referred journals.

For current students searching for a thesis advisor, check out our faculty viewbook and the faculty directory which contains profiles and research interest of some of RMU's faculty.  For current students writing their thesis, please follow the style guidelines when submitting the final copy.

To view  theses from previous years, click the following links:
Past Honors Senior Theses Volumes are also available for purchase.

2013 Honors Theses
  • Danny Bonaventura
    Perceptions of Assistant/Associate Athletic Directors of Student Athletic Support Services: The Case of the Northeast Conference
    Advisor: Artemisia Apostolopoulou
  • DaniRae Block
    Biodiversity of Leafhoppers in Western Pennsylvania
    Advisor: Catherine Hanna
2013 Honors Program Seniors
  • Jennifer Broderick
    The Public Opinion and Perception of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
    Advisor: Melissa Hillwig
  • Joe Douglas
    Investing in Amateur Talent: Surplus Value and Expected Returns of Top 100 Prospects in Major League Baseball
    Advisor: David Hudak
  • Brianna Flasco
    We Are...The Precedent: A Crisis Communication Analysis of the Penn State Jerry Sandusky Sex Abuse Scandal
    Advisor: Michele Edwards
  • Matthew Kreiser
    An Analysis of What the Move to 150-credit Hours for CPA Licensure Means for Pennsylvania Accounting Students
    Advisor: David Hess
  • Maxwell Morrow
    CS1 Programming Courses: Comparing Objects-First and Procedural-First Approaches
    Advisor: Charles Woratschek
  • Christopher Murone
    Developing an Informational App for Higher Education
    Advisor: Charles Woratschek
  • Veronica Radloff
    Educating and Integrating the Public into the Oral Health Community
    Advisor: Carl Ross
  • Benjamin Ridgeley
    Health Care Reform: An Actuarial Student Guide
    Advisor: David Hudak
  • Sarah Robb
    A System for Controlled Study of Strain Gradients in-vitro
    Advisor: Melissa Hillwig
  • Lindsey Sobolosky
    New Urbanism in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries: From the Suburbs to the Inner-City
    Advisor: John McCarthy
  • Phillip Timcheck
    Effectiveness of Hospital Footwear and Bactericidial Mats in Reducing Bacterial Transmission in the Clinical Setting
    Advisor: Katrina Pyo

2012 Honors Theses
  • Alexandra Antonacci
    The Story of a Soldier's Adaption: From the War Front to the Home Front
  • Brent Baburich
    An Exploration of Youth Hockey Development Programs in the National Hockey League
    Advisor: Artemisia Apostopoulou
  • Julia Bennett
    A Measure of Pre-Service Teacher Attitudes Toward Inclusive Education Before and After Completing a Special Education Course or Student Teaching Semester
    Advisor: Bruce Golmic
  • Kyle Bradley
    Team Name Selection in Professional Sport: The Case of the Tulsa Shock
    Advisor: Artemisia Apostopoulou
  • Thomas Boss
    Signaling of Dividend Initiations: Earning Stability During Recessions
    Advisor: Denise Letterman
  • Nicole Carlins
    Saving Presidential Reputations: Anatomy of Post-War Political Scandals
    Advisor: Philip Harold
  • Sabine Cherenfant
    Charisma and the Castro Brothers
    Advisor: Philip Harold
  • Sybile Cherenfant
    Gender Differences in Classroom Aesthetics
  • Jason Jurich
    The Textbook Acquisition Process: A Study of Pricing and Students Behaviors
    Advisor: Marcel Minutolo
  • Travis Loncar
    Google It: The State of Search in 2012
    Advisor: Monica VanDieren
  • Eric Milovac
    Catastrophe Modeling with a Focus on Hurricanes and How the Industry Can Be Improved
    Advisor: David Hudak
  • Katherine O'Dowd
    Specific Theoretical Predictors of Dysphoria Among College Students
    Advisor: William Kelly
  • Jessica Olin
    George Washington's Contact with Native American Indians
    Advisor: Daniel Barr
  • Bradley Perciavalle
    Developing Trap Placement Strategies in Emerald Ash Borer Contaminant Models
    Advisor: William Dress
2011 Honors Theses
  1. Michelle Beamer
    The Future of Social Security
    Advisor: David Hudak

  2. Lauren Douglas
    The Basel III International Banking Requirements: Assessing the Adequacy in Response to the U.S. Financial Crisis of 2007-2008
    Advisor: H. James Vincent

  3. Matthew Feryus
    Actuary Examinations
    Advisor: David Hudak

  4. Brian Gayso
    Corporate Sponsorship Strategies
    Advisor: Artemisia Apostolopoulou

  5. Jennifer Greene
    What Factors Contribute to the Successful Revitalization of Rural Main Street? A Case Study of Imperial PA
    Advisor: Ann Jabro

  6. Heather Lowery
    Analysis of Political-type, Front-page Articles in USA Today and in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    Advisor: Andrea Frantz

  7. Jean Kalevitch
    I Don't Remember Learning That: The Modern High School Student and Information Retention
    Advisor: AJ Grant

  8. Sara Meier
    Student Perception of Sustainability Efforts in Regional SW PA Grocery Stores
    Advisor: Gayle Marco

  9. Tabitha Savka
    Battling the Death of Altruism: A Study of the Non-Profit Organization Donor Relationship
    Advisor: Julianne Michalenko

  10. Sheila Strong
    Follow the Money: An International Study of Tax Havens
    Advisor: Katie Hetherington

  11. Jessica Stubbs
    Motivation: Effects of External Rewards on Intrinsic Motivation and its Application to Restaurant A
    Advisor: Daria Crawley

  12. Evan Wright
    Hierarchy Revisted: The Need Life Cycle
    Advisor: Steven Clinton
2010 Honors Theses
  1. Channing Frampton
    Broadcast Television: A comparison between the stations of Finland and America
    Advisor: Helena Vanhala

  2. Emily Himmel
    Nursing: Universalities and Diversalities, a Comparison Between Nursing in Nicaragua and Nursing in America
    Advisor: Carl Ross

  3. Nicholas Pucci
    Ownership Structure: An Analysis of Publicly and Privately Owned Life Insurance Firms
    Advisor: David Hudak
2009 Honors Theses
  1. Erik Herleman
    A Comparative Study of the Implementation of Total Quality Management Techniques by Small Business Entrepreneurs in Poland and the United States 
    Advisor: Cathi Jones

  2. Melissa Wenger
    A Cultural Analysis: Managing a Multi-Cultural Environment within One Building
    Advisors: Diane Todd Bucci and Nell Hartley

  3. Brendan Berkley
    Monitoring an Emerging Australian National Identity and the Role Graphic Designers Play in Shaping It
    Advisor: Ferris Crane

  4. Caroline Ovial
    An Examination of the Exploitation of Males in Magazine Advertisements: A Comparison of the United States and Italy
    Advisor: Jill Maher

  5. James Mike Schellhammer
    Irish Tourism and the Economy: Applying the Government Policies of Ireland to Pennsylvania
    Advisor: Richard Mills

  6. Diane Durkin
    A Comparative Analysis of Retirement Benefits in the United States and Australia
    Advisor: David Hudak