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The Roundtable Series is hosted by the Honors Program every semester. Rountables are an informal forum in which faculty and guest lecturers can present on their research and topics of interest to the campus community. Please see below for a list of upcoming and past Roundtable presentations.
Spring 2017
1. Guest Speakers Bradley C.S. Watson,  Jennifer Sweet-Cushman, and Gladden Pappin ~ "The 2016 Presidential Election in Retrospect: A Panel Discussion"
      • Wednesday, January 18, 1-2:30 in the Sewall International Suite
Panelist will discuss a wide array of topics pertaining to the 2016 Presidential Elections. Gender, the media, the future of the democratic and republican parties, and the Electoral College will be the main topics of conversations for the panelists. After the discussion audience questions and comments will be welcome. 

2. RMU Professor  Soren Fanning"From Russia with Love: A Look Inside Putin's Russia"
      • Tuesday, February 14, 12:30-1:45 in Hale 301
Are we on the cusp of a second Cold War?  How is Putin governing Russia?  This roundtable will examine the origins of Putin's Russia from the remains of the Soviet Union, the challenges facing the Russian Federation, and the potential future of US-Russian relations.

3. RMU Honors Students Allison Dushack and Jocelyn Young"What's APP?!"
    • Wednesday, March 22, noon-1p.m. in Hale 109
Join the Honor’s Student Advisory Council Co-Presidents for a discussion on useful apps for school and life! We will be discussing some useful apps that you may be able to use on your phone or computer to make your life easier!

4. RMU Professor Connie Ruzich~ "The Forbidden Zone: Women's Poetry and Boundaries in the First World War"
      • Monday, March 27, noon-1p.m. in Franklin 202
Women's poetry of the First World War not only expands our understanding of war itself, but redefines the boundaries of the war zone.  In The Cambridge Companion to First World War Poetry (2013), Santanu Das argues, "it is the poetry of the trenches, as represented by a small group of 'anti-war' soldier poets, that has come to dominate First World War memory." However, the effects of the First World War, like all modern wars, are felt far beyond the battlefield, and women's voices have too often been marginalized in assessing the impacts of war.

This presentation will focus on neglected women poets of the Great War, examining writers from Britain, Ireland, Australia, Russia, Germany, and the United States.  Encompassing far more than poems of grief and mourning, women's war poetry offers widely varying perspectives on the morality of war, the changing world order, the new technologies of war, the suffering of the wounded, and conditions of life for noncombatants.

5. RMU Professor Monica VanDieren~ "What You Need to Know about Google but Were Afraid to Ask"
  • Friday, March 31, 9-10a.m. in Franklin 201
Do you use Google Scholar for your literature reviews?  Find out how this may be affecting your research in this roundtable.  Prof. VanDieren will describe some aspects of the Google search algorithm and compare it to the Google Scholar search algorithm.  She will discuss some of the pros and cons of using Google Scholar for academic research and compare searches in Google Scholar to those in library databases.  In particular she will caution against using Google Scholar for meta-analysis or systematic literature reviews and provide tips for making the most out of Google Scholar searches.

Fall 2016
1RMU Professors Anthony Moretti and Justin DePlato and Students ~ "What We Saw At The Party Conventions" 
2. RMU Professor Soren Fanning"WWI: The Biggest American War You've Forgotten"
3. Former RMU Rooney Scholar Tanvir Wasti~ "Turkey: The Recent Past"
4. RMU Professor Alan Smith"Research Strategies"
5. RMU Professor Petros Malakyan"Engaging in Organizational Leadership is Everybody's Business"

Spring 2016
  1. RMU Professor Liang Hong~ "A Flexible Bayesian Nonparametric Credibility Model"
  2. RMU Professor Marcel Minutolo and his Topics in Sustainability students"Tiny Project with Huge Goals: Can Tiny Houses Solve Homelessness?"
  3. RMU Professor Monica VanDieren~ "A Trip into the Mind-bending World of Projective Geometry"
  4. RMU Professor Philip Harold~ "What We Learned Doing Political Polling with the RMU Polling Institute"

Fall 2015
  1. RMU Professor Scott Spangler~ "The Student Academic Culture Today: Understanding How Students Are Interacting With Technology"
  2. RMU Professor James Bernauer~ "The Role of Creativity in Learning and Conducting Research"
  3.  RMU Professor Monica VanDieren~"Reaching the Next Level of Infinity"

Spring 2015
  1. RMU Professor Jim Vincent~ "Irish-American and African-American Relations in the Developing United States"
  2. RMU Professor Maddie Ranade~ "Changing Mindsets to Succeed in College"
  3. RMU Professor Soren Fanning~ "The Other Rome: A Tour through the Lost World of Constantinople"
  4. RMU Professor Elizabeth Stork~ "Decision Making: What Path Should I Take?"
  5. RMU Professor Daria Crawley"She’s Already Busy: Exploring the Dimensionality of Organizational Citizenship Behavior"
  6.  RMU Professor Connie Ruzich~"Cake or Death?  Researching WWI and Other Adventures in England"
  7. Guest Speakers Patrick Lope and Daniel Mross~ Screening of their documentary "The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin"
  8. Guest Speaker Julie Nelson~ "Interning, Working, and Volunteering Abroad"

Fall 2014
  1. RMU Professor Elizabeth Stork~ "Women and Power in the Print Media"
  2. RMU Professor Barbara Burgess-Lefebvre~ "Researching Titanic the Musical"
  3. RMU Professor Benjamin Campbell~ "Engineering Student Research Projects"
  4. Guest Speaker Ray Gastil~"Connecting Art, Literature, and City Planning"
  5. RMU Professor Liang Hong~ "Risk Pooling- How Insurance Works"
  6. RMU Professor Monica VanDieren~ "The Mathematics Behind Enigma"
Spring 2014
  1. RMU Professor Yvonne Bland~"Managing Stagefright: Taming the Green Monster"
  2. Guest Speaker Greta Schiller, Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker~ "Earth Repair: Ecological Restoration & Environmental Ethics"
  3. Video Conference Speaker Iryna Fedets, Visiting Senior Policy Analyst for Economic Freedom in Europe and Central Asia with the Heritage Foundation~"Ukraine in 2014: New Reality for the Country and for the World"
  4. RMU Professor Chris Groendyke~"Overview and Applications of Statistical Network Science"
  5. Guest Speaker Jeurgen Rekus, Professor of Pedagogy at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany~ "Schooling in Germany: Traditions and Recent Developments"
  6. RMU Professor Sushma Mishra~"How Secure is your Healthcare Record?"
Fall 2013
  1. RMU Professor Hyla Willis~"Borders, Walls, and Citizenship"
  2. RMU Professor Soren Fanning~"Membership Has it's Privileges: Construction National and Regional Identity in the Modern World"
  3. Guest Speaker Rocco Buttiglione, Political Science Professor, Member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, and President of the Union of Centre Political Party~ "A New Era in Italian Politics"
Spring 2013
Theme for semester~"Global Voices"
  1. Rooney Scholar Sunny Dooley~"The Level of Knowledge in Traditional and Counter Traditional Folklore"
  2. RMU Professor Sylvia Pamboukian~ "Rise of Medical Professionalism and Quackery in Nineteenth Century Britain"
  3. RMU Professor Philip Harold~"What I Saw in Israel/Palestine"
  4. RMU Professor Artemisia Apostolopoulou~"Olympic and Professional Sport Licensing"
  5. Guest Speaker Jeurgen Rekus, Professor of Pedagogy at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany"The Non-Empirical Foundations of Teaching"
Fall 2012
Theme for semester~"Storytelling"
  1. Guest Speaker Andrew Gordon, Associate Professor at the University of Southern California's Institute for Creative Technologies~ "Personal Stories on the Web: The Collection, Analysis, and Retrieval of Tens of Millions of Stories from Weblogs
  2. RMU Professor Anthony Moretti~"Political Storytelling: What I Saw at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions"
  3. RMU Professor Edward Karshner~“Dan Brown Begay: The Emergence of New Navajo Folklore"
  4. RMU Professor Monica VanDieren~“A Finite Story of the Infinite"
Spring 2012
Theme for semester~"War & Peace"
  1. RMU Professor  Monica VanDieren~“Two-Thousand Years of Cryptography in War” 
  2. RMU Professor Dan Barr~"Security before Peace: The Delaware Indian Ordeal during the French & Indian War, 1755-1758”
  3. RMU Professor Benjamin Campbell~“Laser Weapons: Past, Present and Future”
  4. Panel Discussion featuring Sid Zonn, Dan Shelley, and John McCarthy~“Perspectives on the Vietnam War”
  5. Panel Discussion~“The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars” 

Fall 2011

  1. Guest Speaker Gary Gregg~"Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Taft on Presidential Power"
  2. Guest Speaker Jay Cost~"From Clerk to Leader of the Free World: The Evolution of American Presidential Leadership”
  3. RMU Professor Elizabeth Stork~“Needs and Fears in Leaders and Followers"
  4. RMU Professor Monica VanDieren~“Women Leaders in Math and Science"
  5. Panel Discussion featuring Ken LaSota, George Semich, Pittsburgh City Councilman Patrick Dowd, and Moon Township Supervisor Nancy Mills~“Involvement in Local Politics"