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2015 Conference Program
Ninth Annual
Intersections: Undergraduate Research Conference
April 24, 2015
Sewall Center 3rd Floor, Robert Morris University
RMU Honors Program
Session 1
11:45-12:35 pm
  • Dean's Choice Panel: SNHS & SESS (Dining Room A/B)
  • Analyzing the U.S. Education System (Dining Room C)
  • Health & Biology (Pennsylvania Suite)
12:45-1:35 pm Please join us in the reception area and in the International Suite for lunch.
Session 2
1:45-2:35 pm
  • Dean's Choice Panel: SCIS, SBUS, &  SEMS (Dining Room A/B)
  • Experiencing the Arts: Theater, Music, and Short Film (Dining Room C)
  • Sports Talk (Pennsylvania Suite)
  • Poster Session (International Suite)
Session 3
2:45-3:45 pm
  • The Business World & The Government (Dining Room A/B)
  • Publishing, Philosophy, Censorship,and TV in the Modern Day (Dining Room C)
  • Then and Now: American Culture (Pennsylvania Suite)
  • Poster Session (International Suite)
 Closing Ceremony
 Please join us in the International Suite for presentation of awards and closing remarks.

SESSION 1, 11:45-12:35 pm

Dean's Choice Panel: SNHS & SESS (Dining Room A/B)

Ashley Crawford:  Brown Adipose Tissue Frequency 

Kara McCucker and Megan Frtiz: PET/CT versus CT in Patients with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma: A Students’ Perspective

Taylor Gensler: Comprehension Deficit

Kelly Westerlund: Balancing the Warsaw Pact


Analyzing the U.S. Education System (Dining Room C)

Jordan NeuschThe Need for Mental Health Education in Secondary Schools

Brittany Palac: Using Mobile Applications as a Supplement to Sustainability Education in Pennsylvania Middle School and High Schools

Health & Biology (Pennsylvania Suite)

Jazmyne Sasse: Treatment and Rehabilitation of Hamstring Injuries

Garnet Brown: A Study of the Development of Resistance to Ampicilin in Echerichia coli through Repeated Exposure

George Maldonado: A Map of Zombie Apocalypse

Respondents: Lauren Walk and Cassidy Toole


Lunch, 12:45-1:35 pm

Lunch will be served in the reception area


SESSION 2, 1:45- 2:35 pm

Dean's Choice Panel: SCIS, SBUS, & SEMS (Dining Room A/B)

Alexis Jones: Stereotyping or Segmentation? An Analysis of Children's Advertising Across Networks 

Kelsey Pledger: Meaningful Controller

Isaac Swink: Biodegradable Iron-Manganese Alloys

Respondent: Katrina Buchanan

Experiencing the Arts: Theater, Music, and Short Film (Dining Room C)

Tanner Sebastian: From Page to Stage

Patrick Hanlon, Jason Salamon, Myah David, Victoria Buchtan, Jason Wallace, & Ryan Wagner: Applied Research for Actors

Kory Kozlowski: In Bloom: The Rise and Fall of Grunge and Its Significance Today

Nathanael Rebmann: Holly and Her Harp

Respondents:  Lucas Carter and Jessica Chin

Sports Talk ( Pennsylvania Suite)

Anthony Tate and Jarrod Blumer: Advanced Statistics Towards Winning

Andrew Gerberich: MLB Team Salaries

Andrew Wisneski: The Impact of Salary Allocation on NHL Team Success

Respondents:  Kyle Hinchberger and Jonathan Bach

Poster Session (International Suite)


, 2:45- 3:35 pm

The Business World & The Government (Dining Room A/B)

Mallory Zombek, Trevor Krstic, & Domenique Iannarelli: Black Box Corporation

Vanessa Petrasko: Key Influencers in Federal Government and Their Role in Productivity

Mark Polcha:  Effects of Increasing the Contribution Base on Social Security Solvency

Emory Sen: International Supermarketing: Comparing and Contrasting Supermarket Marketing in Pittsburgh and Paris

 Respondents:  Taylor Miller and Tara Dillan

Publishing, Philosophy, Censorship, and TV in the Modern Day (Dining Room C)

Marulla Quirk: A Guide to Publishing for First-Time Authors

Leah Marino: Creation Stories

Nicholas Buzzelli: Rebel Reporting: A College Journalists' Guide to Circumventing Administrative Censorship

Mark Gaynord, Jr.: Popping the Bubble: The Impact of Sports Programming on the Cable TV "Bubble"

Respondents:  Hannah Arnold and Leah Fleischel

Then & Now: American Culture (Pennsylvania Suite)

Lori Herrera: The Power of a Sign

Cailtin Amescua: Latinos vs. Latinos

Latrese Lewis: Zorro: The Unsung Hero

Daniel Vergara: The Mental Health Challenges of Unaccompanied Migrant Children

Poster Session (International Suite)


POSTERS, 1:45- 3:35 pm

Enjoy the many poster presentations set up in the International Suite   

International Suite

  1. Cheryl McMaster "Destination Loyalty: The Roles of Destination Brand Image"
  2. Aaron Hartman "The Financial Impact of Tommy John Surgery"
  3. Marrissa Loreto "Perfectly Imperfect"
  4. Becky Sterling "Incorporating IT into Medical Education"
  5. Rachael Hower "Perry County, Pennsylvania"
  6. Jenna Hidinger "Building a Business: Jenna Hidinger Photography "
  7. Frankie Alderson "Uses and Gratifications of Paranormal Television Viewership: A Case Study of 'A Haunting'"
  8. Jeremiah Heasley, Kendra Slis, Devin Kiska, & Daniel Patton "Determining Interaction Accuracy of various Objects with Touchscreen "
  9. Brianna Ferguson "The Irish Merry Wake"
  10. Trisha Brandt "The Relationship Among Self-Efficacy, Locus Control, and Life Satisfaction: The Case of College Students"
  11. Sara Dinwiddie "An Ethnographic Study of the Borderlands Influence on the Creation and Development of Carrizozo, New Mexico"
  12. Garnet Brown "The Effects of Chemicals on the Growth and Fluorescence of E.coli Containing the pGLOo Plasmid"
  13. Sydney Roberts, Jessica Hunnell, & Megan DeArmit "Cancer Communication: Media Portrayal of the Cost of Cancer Treatments"
  14. Hannah Arnold "The Components of Traditional Irish Music"
  15. Stephanie Clark & Danielle Scheunemann "Comparison of Bacterial DNA from Soil Contaminated by Acid Mine Drainage and Amended Sites of Butler County in Western Pennsylvania"
  16. Emily Raab "The Hogwarts School of Translation: Translating Culture through Harry Potter"
  17. Brittany Palac "Using Mobile Applications as a Supplement to Sustainability Education in Pennsylvania Middle Schools and High Schools"
  18. Shelby Lander "Efficiency in Collegiate Athletic Financials"
  19. Amber Moser"Potential for First and Second Degree Burns in Patients Subject to Soup Scolds"
  20. Mark Polcha "Analyzing Predictors of MLB Player Efficiency Following Mid-Season Trade"
  21. Kathryn Connell "The Reintegration of Veterans on College Campuses"