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2017 Conference Program

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Eleventh Annual
Intersections: Undergraduate Research Conference
Friday, April 21, 2017
Sewall Center 3rd Floor, Robert Morris University
Session 1
12-12:50 pm
  • Biology (Dining Room A/B)
  • Society & Culture  (Dining Room C)
  • Sports & Athletics (Pennsylvania Suite)
  • Life Insurance, Life Expectancy, and Pensions (International B)
12:50-1:50 pm Please join us in the reception area and in the International Suite for lunch.
Session 2
2:00-2:50 pm
  • Deans' Choice Panel I: SNHS & SBUS (Dining Room A/B)
  • Mobile Security Threats: How Safe is Our Data  (Dining Room C)
  • The Effectiveness of Transmedia Storytelling in Product and Brand Promotion (Pennsylvania Suite)
  • In the Classroom and the Courtroom (International Suite B)
Session 3
3:00-3:50 pm
  • Deans' Choice Panel: SESS & SEMS (Dining Room A/B)
  • Fantasy & Creativity (Pennsylvania Suite)
  • In the Hospital (International Suite B)
Poster Session
3:30-4:40 pm
              Please join us in the International Suite for Poster presentations
4:00-4:40 pm
  • The Environment and Engineering (Dining Room A/B)
  • Business & Consumers (Pennsylvania Suite)
  • Health Care (International Suite B)
  • Poster Session (International Suite)
Closing Ceremony
  Please join us in the International Suite for the presentation of awards and closing remarks.

*Honors Senior Thesis
SESSION 1, 12-12:50 pm

Biology (Dining Room A/B)

Douglas Kaleugher:  Investigation of Endocannabinoid and Sphingolipid Involvement in Late-Stage and Chronic Lyme Disease Along with

Possible Novel Treatments 

*Kelsey Paxton: Examination of Keyboards for Streptococcus pyogenes, Staphylococcus aureus, and Escherichia coli

Alexis MacGregor & Elizabeth KoslowHydration Effects on SUV's of Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma 

Respondents: Davis Simon

Society & Culture (Dining Room C)

*Jessica ChinRiding the Wave: An Analysis of Korean Drama Streaming 

*Kyrstin Dittenhafer-Swartz: Elective Hysterectomies: A Social Analysis 

Katherine Lehman, Eboni Davis, Aliyah Johnson, Eva SimoneCommunication in Long Distance Relationships

Respondents: Aubrey Leasure

Sports & Athletics (Pennsylvania Suite) 

*Megan GoldGeneral Knowledge of Nutrition: A Demographic Study of NCAA Athletes 

*Katherine Breeze: The Effect of Foam Rolling on Hamstring Flexibility in Division I Women’s Lacrosse Players 

*Brooke Birckbichler: Sports-Related Concussions: Knowledge and Attitudes toward Concussion Symptoms

* Kenneth FugagliCreating an Optimal Way of Setting a Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup in an Attempt to Determine 

Whether It is a Game of Skill or Luck

Respondents: Kendall Noel & Damian Di Florio

Life Insurance, Life Expectancy, and Pensions  (International B)

*Missy Radovich: Bridging the Life Insurance Gap: An Analysis of Online Life Insurance Calculators for the American Middle Market 

*Lara Will:  The Increasing Disparity of Life Expectancies of People with Different Levels of Education 

*Theodore Schuman: Analysis of Pennsylvania Pension Crisis and Hybridization Plans

Respondents:  David Bendig and Cassidy Turner


Lunch, 12:50-1:50 pm

Lunch will be served in the reception area


SESSION 2, 2:00-2:50 pm

Dean's Choice Panel I: SBUS & SNHS (Dining Room A/B)

*Melissa ReinboldThe Impact of B Corporation Certification on Consumer Purchase Intention and Willingness to Pay a Price Premium: 

An Evaluation of Certification Logos and Retail Displays

Andrew Birk & Steven FrankPotential Use of Graphene as a Shielding Material in Positron Emission Tomography 

Respondent: Andrew Miller

Mobile Security Threats: How Safe is Our Data? (Dining Room C)

Panelists: Sarah Pfabe, John Weingartner, and Brendan Adams

The Effectiveness of Transmedia Storytelling in Product and Brand Promotion (Pennsylvania Suite)

Panelists: Anne Spewak, Merrit Donoghue, and Zachary Kaiser

In the Classroom and the Courtroom (International B)

*Rachel DyeHow Implementing Technology into Accounting Classrooms Helps Students Succeed in the Real World

*Taylor Miller: Attorneys’ Take on Litigation Consulting 

*Savanah Buhite: English Language Learners and the Common Core: Overcoming Obscure Language in Literature 

*Katie ShirleyThe Introduction of Actuarial Science to Secondary Students

Hannah BartusPublic Schools: The Unequal Opportunity

Respondents: Bridgette Scott & Stan Marciniak


SESSION 3, 3:00-3:50 pm 

Dean's Choice Panel II: SESS & SEMS (Dining Room A/B)

Kevin Malley: Correlations between Perfectionism, Neuroticism, and Academic Achievement 

Danielle Crichfield:  Teacher Work Sample 

Damian Di Florio: The Effect of Polymerase Eta on Cell Death in Gemcitabine Treated Human Pancreatic Tumor Cells

Fantasy & Creativity (Pennsylvania Suite)

*Jocelyn Young: The Value of Parental Failure in Fairy Tales and the Dangers of Disney’s Parental Substitutes 

*Hannah Arnold: Integrating Arduino and Lego Mindstorms to Create a Player Piano

Shelby Mengel, Tony Hanes, Khalid Assiri, Emma Smith, Amy Li,  & Katey LadikaThe Wheatley Wall 

Beth Barbis: Haunted Hill View Manor 

*Ashley MessnerWorldbuilding in Westeros: The Use of Functional Grammar in the Creation of Fantasy Worlds

Respondents: Cassidy Turner, George Dietrich, and Kelsey Paxton

In the Hospital (International Suite B)

Sponsored by the Student Nurses Association

Jessica Smith: Staying in Touch with Your Baby: Use of Video in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Meg Oczypok: The Impact and Use of Naloxone (Narcan) in Emergency Department Nurses

Maura Howard: Expedited Partner Therapy 


SESSION 4, 4:00- 4:40 pm 

The Environment & Engineering (Dining Room A/B)

Kylie Like:  The Effects of Antifouling Paint on Aquatic Life 

*Allison Couch: The Wear on Tablet Tooling and How it Effects the Quality of a Product in a Manufacturing Environment 

Curran Edland: Solar Power: The Technologies and Applications that Could Reinvent Our Energy Grid

Respondent: George Dietrich

Business & Consumers (Pennsylvania Suite)

*Molly Watterson:  Brand Strength: A Study of the Disney Vacation Club and Brand Extensions 

*Jacob Pearson: Sponsorship Activation in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games 

Tayler English, Falyn Austin, Emiley Challingsworth, Kristie Crivello, and Jon DeGrosky: Keystone Kidney Campaign

 Respondent: Andrew Miller & Davis Simon

Health Care (International Suite B)

*Lindsay Hess: Wide-Awake Hand Surgery: A Cost Analysis of Replacing Sedation with Local Anesthesia 

Megan Miller: The Impact of Gradual and Abrupt Changes on Goal Achievement

Respondent: Kelsey Paxton


POSTERS, 3:30- 4:40 pm

Enjoy the many poster presentations set up in the International Suite   

International Suite

  1. Gina Pratt, Kendall Lavclla, & Jenna Pagley “PR in a Medical Malpractice Setting”
  2. Jade Lu-Zoller Building a Tool for Delivery, Assessment, and Continuous Improvement: The Construction of a User-End Platform for Exploration Activities in Conjunction with an Online 3D Calculator
  3. *Deja Hopkins Creating Lekins LLC”
  4. Sonya Slevaraj Implications of C. elegans Dietary Restriction and TGF-B Pathways in Infertility Treatment”
  5. Sarah Johnson “The Millennial Advertising”
  6. Paige Johnson, Nia Adams, Samantha Sektan, & Adonys Gonzalez “How Social Media Affects Relationships of College Students”
  7. Joseph Tomasits A History of the Constitution of the United States"
  8. Jessica Hogue “Benefit of Sensory Rooms in Inpatient Psychiatric Settings”
  9. *Raeanna Wohlfarth “The Effects of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program on Obesity, Health, and the Economy”
  10. *Emily Raab “Health Care Predictive Modeling: Creating and Analyzing Models for Health Insurance Claims”
  11. Jennifer Irvin “Computational Modeling of Traumatic Brain Injury”
  12. Kendra Slis, Wynter Linhart, Jared Powell, & Olivia McCafferty “Artificial Fingertip Design Optimization for Touch Screen Interaction”
  13. *Dale Miller “minimus: Sustainable Tiny Home Business”
  14. Mohammed Saeed “Geothermal Energy in KSA”
  15. Reem Alsolu & Khmeal AlEid “Automated Whiteboard Eraser”
  16. Lauren Tedrick 3D Modeling of Traumatic Brain Injuries”
  17. Hajer Allwaim Safety Toe Cover”
  18. Victoria Ketterer “The Reinforcement and Requirement of Presentment of Photo Identification during Voting Day to Decrease Likelihood of Fraud”
  19. *Erin Ritzer “Computer Modeling and Finite Element Analysis of Various Reverse Shoulder Implant Fin Shapes”
  20. John Baker “Ethanol as a Biofuel
  21. Karlee Kushnereit “Early Discharge Education: Solution to Lowering Readmission Rates”
  22. Laura Hess Little Red Riding Hood through the Ages”


*Honors Senior Thesis