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2014 Conference Program
Eighth Annual
Intersections: Undergraduate Research Conference
April 25, 2014
Sewall Center 3rd Floor, Robert Morris University
RMU Honors Program
Session 1
12:00-12:50 pm
  • Revitalizing Traditional Iroquois Names (Dining Room A/B)
  • Heath and Biology (Dining Room C)
  • Financial Collapse & Taxes (International A)
  • Experience & Culture (International C)
  • Undergraduate Leadership Opportunities (Pennsylvania Suite)
Session 2
12:50-2:00 pm
  • Lunch and Posters (International Suite and Boardroom B)
Session 3
2:00-2:50 pm
  • Digital Storytelling and Local History in Southwest Pennsylvania (Dining Room A/B)
  • Predicting and Profiting from Pro Sports (Dining Room C)
  • Military and Health Care Technology (International A)
  • Concentration, Motivation & Television (International C)
  • Go to this Panel and Retire Early! (Pennsylvania Suite)
Session 4
3:00-4:00 pm
  • Sustainability (Dining Room A/B)
  • The Psyche & Society (Dining Room C)
  • Success in Sports (International A)
  • The Creative Process (International C)

SESSION 1, 12:00-12:50 pm

Revitalizing Traditional Iroquois Names (Dining Room A/B)

Panelists: Shawn Reese & Jay Koller Revitalizing Traditional Iroquois Names: Transcribing the Work of Charles A. Cooke

Shawn Reese: A Portrait of Cooke’s Manuscript: The Cultural and Educational Value of Archival Transcription

Health and Biology (Dining Room C)

Lauren RobertsProcalcitonin As A Possible Future Biomarker for Bacterial Infections

Carley Padgett: Restless Leg Syndrome in Pregnancy: A Systematic Review

Anne KandrayExploring the Change in Knowledge Level of Undergraduate  Nursing Students at Robert Morris University in Conjunction with a Foundations of Nursing Practice Course

Respondents: George Maldonado & Kayce Craday

Financial Collapse & Taxes (International A)

Alexander Olijar: The Relationship between Government Revenue and the Income Tax Rate

James Rankin: Sarbanes-Oxley: America’s Financial Law

Ellen Martin: Looking Through the Smoke: Electronic Cigarettes and Taxation

Jordan Frazier: The Financial Collapse: An Inside Look

Respondents: Isaac Swink & Joe Sadaka

Experience & Culture (International C)

Gabriella Gasparich: Analyzing Cultural and Experiential Factors Influencing Undergraduate American and International Students

Randi Jackson: African-Americans in the University: The Journey to Higher Education

Jordan Neusch: A Misrepresentation: The Muslim American Co-Culture

Elias Hage:A Sacred-Profane Dichotomy: Space, Time, and Nature

Respondents: Jenna Hidinger & Kelly Weaver

Undergraduate Leadership Opportunities and Growth (Pennsylvania Suite)

Panelists:Victoria Mikulan, Emily Murray, Mark Polcha, Stephanie Moore, Philippe Rigaud, Brittany Kusinar, Jaclyn Wilson 


SESSION 2 LUNCH & POSTERS, 12:50- 2:00 pm

Enjoy refreshments and the many poster presentations set up in International B and Boardroom B   

International B

  1. Keri Potter "What are the Determinants of Student Success in College Courses?"
  2. Sarah Robb, Mukui Mutunga, & Stephanie Abbott "Case Study on the Educational Efficacy of an Intensive Research Based Science Summer Program"
  3. Michael Ortenza "Forming a Romantic Relationship: What Component Stands Out?"
  4. Lindsey Gasper "Who is that in the Mirror? Body Image and Eating Disorders in Dancers"
  5. Kayla Newman "Social Impact Bonds: Funding for Social Profit Organizations as Explored through the Public Library System"
  6. Jessica Lageurre-Joseph "Images of African American Women in Today's Society and its Impact on the Black Community"
  7. Jocelyn Bordo & Jacob Gruber "The Paper Clip "
  8. Melanie Lowrie "Historic Glassware: Material, Decoration, and Social Status"
  9. Hannah Arnold "LEGO Around the World"
  10. Karina Sanchez "Achill Island, Ireland: An Archaeological Experience"
  11. Brittany Kusniar "Common Meteorological Features of Mid-Atlantic and Ohio Valley Synoptic High Wind Events"
  12. Tabitha Maurer "Evidence-Based Anterior Cruciate Ligament Orthopedic Special Tests Vs. Gold Standard in Clinical-Based Practice"
  13. Philippe Rigaud "The Development, Testing, and Design of a New Strategy Board/Card Game"
  14. Tanner Sebastina & Raymond Sims "Dramaturgy: The Theatre Career You Haven't Heard Of"
  15. Adehl Schwaderer "Green Energy Advertising"

Board Room B

  1. Garnet Brown "Testing the Effects of Chemicals on Bacterial Growth and GFP Expression"
  2. Danielle Scheunemann & Stephanie Clark "RMU Identification of Bacteria Using Molecular Techniques"
  3. Josh Leipheimer, Devon Ceario, & Luke Zearing "Adaptation of Neural Interface Technology to Mentally Activate a Light Bulb"
  4. Alexandra McDonald "Post Processing of CNC code for a 3D Printer"
  5. Jeremiah Heasley, Kendra Slis, Devin Kiska, & Abel Azanaw "Development of Prosthetic Fingertips for Improved Touch Screen Interactions"
  6. Alexandra Deines "Investigation of Compatible Materials for Touchscreen Interactions"
  7. Andrew Trapp "Freedom of Interaction: A Case for the Creation of Touch Screen-Compatible Prostheses "


SESSION 3, 2:00- 2:50 pm

Digital Storytelling and Local History in Southwest Pennsylvania (Dining Room A/B)

Panelists: Kelsey James, Roman Toth, Rachel Fawley, Andre Sontag, Laura Owens 

Predicting & Profiting from Pro Sports (Dining Room C)

Chris Ludwiczak: Understanding Sportsbook Behavior and How to Profit

Aaron Hartman: The Financial Impact of Tommy John Surgery: The Actuarial Value of Major League Baseball Pitchers

Alex Romano: Using Historical Quantitative Data to Rank Football Players in a Fantasy Football Atmosphere

Mackenzie Lawler: The Moneyball Application: A Statistical Analysis of Women's Lacrosse 

Respondents: Deryn Martin & Nick Buzzelli

Military & Health Care Technology (International A)

Sarah Robb, Derrick Wells, Josh Leipheimer, & Nicole Stone: Developing a Low-Cost Otoscope for Developing Countries Using a Non-traditional Power Source

Robert Thomas: IT Governance Case Study

Emily Mazar: The Benefits of Electronic Health Records in Health Care Facilities

Concentration, Motivation & Television (International C)

Sarah Cave, Justin Fuss, & Jacob Cimba: The Cable Industry: Discovery Communications, Inc.

Allyson Copeman: Exploring Differences in Concentration Levels While Playing Games

Amanda Martin: Back to the Future Part 4: Motivation for the Future

 Respondents: William Bliss & Sara Dinwiddie

Go To This Panel & Retire Early! (Pennsylvania Suite)

Carter Khalequzzaman: Life Insurance Pricing Competition and Simulation Research

Jeffrey Siwik: Retirement Education: A Necessity for Today’s College Students

Kevin Klus: An Intuitive Understanding of Social Security

Respondents: Mark Polcha, Trisha Brandt, Molly Watterson, Evyn Selden, & Emory Sen


SESSION 4, 3:00- 4:00 pm 

Sustainability (Dining Room A/B)

Sarah Burns: The Feasibility of an Anaerobic Digestion System at Robert Morris University

Panelists: Carly Maloney, Shanice Cook, Gabriella Gasparich (RMU)

Recycle. Maintain. Unite. A Comprehensive Study of Recycling at RMU

The Psyche & Society (Dining Room C)

Aaron Eyler: Collective Guilt: German Culture and Identity Since 1945

Nathanael Tinik: Examining the Factors Associated with Recidivism

Matt Scolieri: Why Give? Researching Philanthropic Causes

Melissa Egnacheski:  Stay a Kid

Respondent: Evyn Selden

Success in Sports (International A)

Jennifer Smith: Sustainability: A Whole New World of Sports

Alexandra Deines, Dan Mignogna, Derrick Wells, & Margaret Harden: Concussion Detection System for Grade School Athletes

Alexa Sarsfield: The Relationship Between Athletics and Business: Using Management Tools to Guide a Team Captain to Success

Kristen Garofalo: Professional Athletes on Social Media

Respondents: William Bliss, Deryn Martin, George Maldonado, & Emory Sen

The Creative Process (International C)

Josef Landon: Production and Performance of Glengarry Glen Ross

Jaclyn Wilson: Mathography: The Creative Process of Combining Mathematics and Photography into an Activity Book for Middle School Students

Rebecca Noal: A Changing Society: The Strip District in the 1800s

Respondents: Sara Dinwiddie & Cheryl McMaster